Everything Nothing III


2014 : Everything Nothing III original An inkjet print on archival rag paper with hand written text in ink written over the top 90.7 x 68 cm, including 100 mm border –

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The experience of Antarctica is one of endless nothingness but the ice beneath gives us a huge amount of information on the history of our planet. Snow traps air which results in small air bubbles in the ice. This air from 9000 years ago to the present day can be analysed for Co2 content and so we can get a graph of the build up of CO2 over the centuries. In the last 50 years during our lifetime there has been a dramatic increase. It is this which is driving climate change and the vast loss of biodiversity threatening all life.
Everything Nothing takes a section of an echogram which is printed out and then I have written in blue ink the repeated words - Everything Nothing.

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