I am an environmental artist, making site specific nature based sculpture, often referred to as Land Art or Art in Nature. I also work in art and Science. I make installations inside and make works on paper, works with maps, digital and video art, and works with mushrooms.

My work makes connections between different phenomena in the world, specifically between Nature and Culture, Inner and Outer and Microcosm and Macrocosm. To this end I collaborate with scientists and technicians from a broad spectrum of disciplines and use whatever visual means, technologies and materials best suit the situation.

Areas of work fall into two categories:


These works will often be collaborations with institutions and small communities worldwide. They may be architectural (Cloud Chambers), land drawings, suspended works, murals in earth etc.


These works would include all works on paper, photoworks and videos and often involve collaborations with scientists, doctors and technicians

My work is featured in many Key Land Art Survey books in the UK and America, although I would stress that my work has wider implications than this. It is political in that it may draw attention to the way we abuse our environments.

Recent projects include a residency at The Nirox Foundation in The Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, working with Paleontologists, Geologists and anthropologists,  a British Antarctic Survey residency in Antarctica, a work for the Australian National University in Canberra and an exhibition about place, ecology and politics at The Nevada Museum of Art called Mushrooms|Clouds. Over the last decade or more, I have been working with clinicians to make links between systems in the body and systems on the planet and I continue to travel and respond to diverse requests for exhibitions, collaborations, installations and site specific works outside.