The Birth of Energy

At the weekend we opened the Birth of Energy at Neddernhof, the last in a trilogy of works for the Edmund Siemers-Stiftung. There is a small exhibition of drawings in the gallery close to the house. The trees are planted and the work is on its way. I predict that in 60 years when the trees are mature it will begin to look as I imagined it – with the clump of trees as the predominant feature and the stones and whirlpool a focus within the clump. But that will be when the young 3 year old Fried is an old person. If anyone would like to  visit these works, please write to:

Edmund Siemers-Stiftung, Am Schmokbach 9, 21244 Buchholz-Sprötze, Germany

Also doing well, in the park are Equinox and Videndomes

Equinox - 2008

Equinox – 2008

videndome - 2002

videndome – 2002


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