Linden Cloud Chamber

Linden Cloud Chamber – Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature, Langeland, Denmark. On the invitation of Alfio Bonanno I was invited to make another work here in the Park, 26 years after Covered Cairn, made in 1993.

That first work was destroyed and eaten by deer. This work, an underground chamber set in a ring of mostly Linden trees is the first work commissioned by TICKON in several years and it is hoped will lead to a revival of this unique park dedicated to Art and Nature.

The work comprises a circular chamber with a log roof, set partly underground. There is a stone pathway spiralling down and a small door. Outside the whole chamber is surrounded by granite boulders, the largest of which came from the site of Covered Cairn. The whole structure is then covered in earth and seeded, so if the resident sheep allow it, this work will become something that lives and grows.

Inside once the door is closed, the image of sky surrounded by trees is revealed, projected via a small aperture onto the floor and walls.