Jiri Mountain Tea Line

Made for the Jirisan International Art and Nature festival in Hadong, South Korea, the work is about balance. The mountain connects heaven to earth. Water from the Jiri mountains flows down into the Seomjin River. The river gives life and biodiversity to the region. The line of twelve stones aligned with the mountain peak is like a meridian acupuncture line, which in the body creates balance and health, so in the landscape the line creates harmony and biodiversity.

The soft living snaking line of tea plants energises the hard immovable line of stones. The tea bush connects earth, sun and water. When we drink tea we embody the same processes in the landscape. We become the landscape. This work is a living growing changing thing and for it to survive in this landscape it has be tended by the people who live here. In doing so people connect to mountain, water, river, earth, sun and life