Horizon Line Chamber

Sunderland Point, Morecambe Bay
This is one of the ‘Headlands to Headspace’ Heritage-Lottery-funded commissions for Morecambe Bay, due to be completed by the end of October. The proposed dry stone work will be shaped like an upturned boat or oratory and will have a small lens in the sea-facing wall which projects a meditative, ever changing image of sky, horizon and sea/mud flats onto the opposite wall, upside down.

Having waited all of the hot summer, now that winter is here and we finally have planning permission, work has begun and the footings are down.This really is a stunning site and everyone in the community is so helpful and pleasant. At this time of year the bird life is phenomenal.

By the end of January the work is complete apart from more coats of lime wash needed for the wall inside and landscaping outside. It is due to open by 28th March.

A short film by Richard Shilling @richardshillingartist, of Sunderland Point and the making of the chamber can be seen here.