August 15th – 31st, 2015
The Exhibition is the result of two years collaboration between myself and Kay Syrad about 3 farms in Dorset for The Art and Climate Change organisation – Cape Farewell. The work is centred around a Leather bound A2 sized book, of which there are 3 copies. Text is from Kay Syrad and the visual element is mine. We buried 100 sheets of 300 gms Snowden paper in the soil of one of the farms for ten months. This mineral encrusted and battered paper was then mono-printed with images of 60 plants taken from a cubit of turf from the same farm. The book sits in a case and it is possible to leaf through the pages on screen. A paperback version published by Cape Farewell and Little Toller books is available for £12 from:
From this book six framed works on the same paper with the same plant prints emerged, together with the the top several sheets, which welded together, look like the earth itself. These and a woven map work are the framed pieces from the earth. The people; the farmers are visible in the four large hanging portraits, made up from the photographic images and layered handwriting.

A paperback version of the book is available from Little Toller books for £12: plus a a hardback version in a limited edition of 60, each with a unique framable art work by Chris Drury:

A podcast from an interview with Kay Syrad and myself at Rocket FM is available here. It went out at the end of 2015 and gives a wonderful idea of the project with some great readings by Kay. Our Thanks to Rocket FM: and to to for the intro & outro music bed.