Carbon Pool

Chaumont sur Loire

Carbon Pool, was commissioned by Le Domaine Chaumont sur Loire for the area of the Pres du Goualoup. It is situated close to Jujiko Nakaya’s Japanese garden. The site was chosen because of the clump of pines which present a living circle of trees. What was sensed was an idea of entropy – the trees dying, falling, being sucked in a vortex down into the earth. Rather than burning carbon and putting it into the atmosphere, it is stored in the earth and is reborn as new living trees.

The work is 18 m in diameter and is made from pine and poplar logs, sourced from fallen timber 2 km. away.

Chaumont sur Loire is famous for its garden festival which is similar, but more innovative than Chelsea. However the director, Chantal Colleu-Dumond has expanded its range to include permanent international gardens, art and nature/ land art, installations in the Chateau and outbuildings, as well as exhibitions of photography, sculpture and video installations and digital works. If you were to see everthing you would need a day, possibly two. Chaumont attracts something like 400,000 visitors a year.