Destroying Angel Nevada


The work is made from two related species of desert plant, Lycium pallidum and Lycium andersonii, which grow on The Nevada Nuclear Test site, and which were collected for me by Dr Lynn Fenstermaker. Over 2000 pieces of this thorny plant are suspended on nylon thread within a Perspex box.

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In 2008 on my return from Antarctica I was invited to Nevada to make a show at the Nevada Museum of Art. Antarctica is a cold desert, Nevada is a hot desert. It is also where the Nuclear Test Site is, so I proposed a show called Mushrooms Clouds which would be about the use and abuse of land in the state, with reference to the Test Site and the abuse of Native American peoples in Yosemite. As a part of my research I asked to work with Lynn Fenstermaker, a soil biologist working on the Test Site. She produced the desert thorn with which I made this work. I then went on to make many of these strung mushroom installations in various venues in Europe.