Works for 2014

FebruaryCarbon Pool – a work for Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Centre d’Arts et de Nature


Carbon Pool

March:  Ashland Water Serpent – A community project for Ashland in Milton Keynes.


March 19th -a show of small works at the Lloyds Club Gallery in the City, curated by Stephen Lacey.

May 25th Coin – a performance collaboration with Clare Whistler on the nature of money

June: A mini retrospective for a new gallery – Oppland Art Centre, Lillhammer, Norway, with archives and an installation.

Up to October –  Exchange – A Research collaboration project with Kay Syrad for Cape Farewell working with 3 farms, 2 organic, around the valley of Sydling St Nicholas in Dorset. We are trying to get a unique view into a sustainable way of life and farming. It is hoped that we will produce two A1 hand made books and several works on paper, together with plans for a sculpture in the valley for 2015. We hope that the works we make will travel to Corn Exchanges throughout the country.

SeptemberStone and tree whirlpool – The third and last work for the Seimers family at Neddernhoff near Hamburg. To date I have made one work in the middle of the long stretch of land running East West – This is Equinox:


Sunrise through the Equinox line at the Vernal equinox
Sunrise through the Equinox line at the Vernal equinox


At the far end is Willow Domes on the Este – a growing changing work




Now I will make the third and last work towards the entrance to the land – Stone and Tree whirlpool.  The direction of flow within the work will lead people on towards Equinox.


drawing_stone_whirlpool S




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