Wednesday 25th April, Schloss Werdenberg

On Monday 23rd April my second Grandson was born in Sweden, Mum and baby all doing well. I am delighted – he looks just like Ossian and today I learned he will be called Rufus Willow Woxneryd. Wonderful – Rowan is continuing the tradition of tree names and he is a brilliant strapping BOY!


Yesterday it rained and it pored, by morning the Mountains were plastered with snow, and a wind was blowing spindrift off the peaks and strange elongated clouds were forming. I was informed that the Foehn wind was on its way, and by midday a very strong wind was blowing – blasts of warmish air – it makes people sick and drives them mad.

Work is progressing on the strung mushrooms and Dust to Dust is now finished, we had a problem finding any dust in the castle as the cleaners are ultra efficient, but Rob and I managed to hoover a few roof beams, which produced a tar laden dust with a rather beautiful ochre colour. Ashes were taken from wood burning stoves.

Despite the Foehn, Rob and I managed to complete the stacking of the log pile. We had to partially demolish the original because the new logs are a lighter colour, so we stacked these as a central circle and continued on up to the arch. Log stacking is an art here and it is really good to be able to highlight it. Rob is Australian, stopped here 20 years ago on his way to Britain, fell in love and never left. We made a good job of the stack.

The village of Werdenberg is more or less unique as it is the oldest surviving European village built of wood, and remains virtually unchanged on the outside. You can imagine that the locals are keen to carry on preserving it and there are strict rules against smoking inside and out. Verboten!

It is quite extraordinary that the old guy whose house and stack it is we are using, has agreed that I can burn or scorch a mushroom spore print onto the log ends. He says his neighbours may not be so pleased. We will do it on a wet day with no foehn blowing and with fire extinguishers to hand. I hardly want to be known as the artist who burned down the oldest wood village in Europe!

Tonight I had dinner with 5 of the women helpers and organisers: Mirella, Gabi, Carla, Carella and Ava, Mirellas 5 yr old daughter. Even Pina, Carla’s dog is female.  We had the dinner here in the Hohmeisters house and they brought the food. I chopped vegetables, but Gabi cooked it.


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