Walk On





This was a practical offshoot of the show Walk On, curated by VARC and currently touring the country.It highlights artists who use walking as a part of their practice. The weekend  took place at Highgreen up on the moors north of Kielder reservoir. Artists taking part were: Simon Pope and Sarah Cullen, Tim Knowles, Ingrid Pollard, David McCracken, Gwennie Fraser, Mike Collier and Keith Bowey, Atul Bhalla and myself.

I had devised a meandering infinity mindfulness walk around 2 figure 8’s set in the landscape. One out on the moors around a sheep fold – out around a curve in the stream and back and the other set in a wood. The idea was that we would walk from light to dusk to dark, and that each infinity would involve an inner/outer experience in the way they were set out.

About 30 people signed up for it and we set off at 8.30 pm with a 40 minute walk in. Then 30 minutes walking the sheep fold until sunset, then 40 minutes following the stream down to the wood in the gloaming and a further 30 minutes walking the candle lit infinity in the dark.

For me it was all magic, especially the sheepfold /stream walk, but the candle lit walk had to be curtailed because in the still dark air of the wood, the midges came out in force! The weather was fine and hot throughout the weekend and all of the walks were amazing and different.







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