Thursday 3rd May, Shloss Werdenberg

On Robs instructions Gabbi, Kathrin and I headed off by train to the deepest lake in Switzerland, we took a ferry across the lake and walked for two hours or so up the mountain to see the  highest waterfall in Switzerland – spectacular now because of the spring snow melt. Had a picnic lunch in  a flower meadow and finally got to the waterfall, which was a wow. We made a couple of balanced cairns close to the rushing water and precipice – then headed back to the village for the ferry home. Weather was amazing – hot and Gabbi swam while waiting for the ferry – it was almost too cold to dip a toe in, let alone swim!

Were home by 4.00 so went to see the Mushroom Cloud with the scaffolding dismantled. It works really well, but needs a tripod and a wide angle lens to get a good photo. In the evening we met at Kurt’s for Shiitake risotto – Rob, Alesandra, Gabbi, Kathrin, Kurt and Dorro. Julia turned up just as we were all going home! I have had a really good time here.



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