The Way of Trees Earth and Water – Canberra, April 2013


First thing on Tuesday Morning I visit the site we chose last year. We had marked the centre with a hole – it is still there and all my first instincts were right – it is the best site for the work.

On Wednesday I go with Melinda – chief arborist of the gardeners to a horticultural centre to look at the trees she has identified. She would really like the redbark, but although these trees are beautiful and big they are not straight and will be difficult to plant between the logs, so instead we chose 4  beautiful  mannifera, a white barked Eucalypt. As saplings they are about twice the height of the logs and will be perfect.

Over the following days the logs which have been set aside for us, are cut in half down the length of the trunk, carved and charred – 10 0f them




And the standing stone is raised on the site


It is wedged shaped and is angled towards the mountain across the lake from where the river rises.

The idea for this piece is that it will be a living changing thing. Over time,the logs will rot away and the rammed earth around the stone will erode, re revealing the rock. Meanwhile the trees will grow, so that in 30 – 40 years there will be 4 massive white barked mannifera enclosing a standing stone.


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