The Way of Earth, Trees and Water – 2nd week

The Stone is aligned to the Mountain which is the source of the river from which the Canberra lake is created. This year, 2013 is the centenary of the founding of this capital city. Both Melbourne and Sydney would have liked to be capital city, but Canberra was founded so it could be the capital of all Australia, which is why it is set apart. It is also the reason I visited the actual center, Uluru when I visited last year.


Matt and I bring all the logs onto the site so they can be set around the stone. These logs are so heavy that two people cannot lift them. Luckily the truck has a crane so we can hoist them on and off. We dig a hole with a mechanical auger and slowly lower them into place. The ground is compacted clay and is so hard and dry – like concrete that it takes a long tome to drill each hole. We work steadily all day and by the aftrnoon of Friday 27th, they are all in place.


Over the weekend, I give the rock a slip coat of red clay, shutter the big gaps with boards, and wrap the logs in protective plastic ready for the rammed earth on Tuesday.


On Tuesday Morning, Matt mixes 3 tractor shovels of a mixture of granite chips and red clay, 3 bags of white cement and a bag of red ochre colour. Then one shovel full is driven to the site, where Deidre and Issy, two sculpture students, are waiting with the ramming tools which Nick has made. We have a hose connected up. We strap the logs so they won’t move and we are in business: shovel, hose, ram, shovel, hose, ram. We all rapidly get covered in red clay.






We are about 1/3 done.

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