The Red Centre – Uluru

On the the 16th June, I left Canberra to spend 8 days exploring the red central deserts. I wanted to go to the spiritual heart of Australia which has been inhabited by aboriginal tribes for at least 100,000 years. By going to the heart of the continent I felt instinctively that this would point me towards an idea and a form for the work in Canberra. I wanted the land itself to speak to me.

I took a flight to Alice Springs where I spent a night, then headed off the next day in a rented car for Uluru and Kata Tjuta national park.

The Simpson Desert from the air


Sunset over Uluru on the evening of the 17th June


I had a small tent with me so I camped at the only campground at Yulara. The temperature at this time of year (winter) drops to -5 in the early hours of the morning, and although the sun is hot when it rises, the air temperature remains pleasantly cool. The following day I did the walk around the rock. Everything here is very prescribed and you have to keep to the marked paths, which are very limiting. In fact they are designed to keep you well away with the most sacred areas of the rock. But that is quite understandable. It is however a bit of a Stonehenge experience strong on ‘keep off’. Never-the-less it is an extraordinary beautiful and powerful place. When I first caught site of the rock it made me growl deep in my throat, why I can’t say, but then it also made me cry because it hits you somewhere deep in your guts.

the vegetation is also surprisingly lush, mainly because within the last three years it has rained a lot. There is Desert Oak, Mulga, Bloodwood and the ubiquitous Spinifex grass, to name a few.



bloodwood waves

Wave rock

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