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A new work for the organisation Causes Aux Balcons,  Villard de Lans in the Vercors, France In 2019 I was invited by Jerome Aussibal to make a work in this stunning limestone region in France. Jerome is a sculptor, a climber and an acrobat; a  man with a huge drive and energy. I made a site […]

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The Birth of Energy at Neddernhof


The Birth of Energy is the third in the trilogy of works by myself, commissioned by the Siemers Stiftung at Neddernhof, South of Hamburg in Germany. It is constructed out of 30 tones of white/grey sandstone laid in a whirlpool pattern within an 18 m. diameter circle, with 15 glacial boulders spiraling into the circle […]

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Carbon Pool, Chaumont sur Loire


Carbon Pool, was commissioned by Le Domaine Chaumont sur Loire for the area of the Pres du Goualoup. It is situated close to Jujiko Nakaya’s Japanese garden. The site was chosen because of the clump of pines which present a living circle of trees. What was sensed was an idea of entropy – the trees […]

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Carbon Sink (detail)

Carbon Sink


University of Wyoming campus, Laramie, USA Commissioned as part of the University of Wyoming Art Museum sculpture program. The piece is 14 m. in diameter and is made from beetle killed pine logs and coal. Both these materials were once living trees and died during times of climate warming. At this time the burning of […]

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Carbon Sink (floor) Wind Vortices and Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes (walls)



Pori Museum of Art, Pori Finland Curated by John Grande and Pia Hovi-Assad. This was a survey exhibition with historical work (Smithson, Christo etc) with more contemporary artists around the theme of ecology.

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Rhine Mosel Slate Whirlpool

Rhine Mosel Slate Whirlpool


Koblenz, Germany. Curated by The Heike Strellow Gallery in Frankfurt and commissioned by the Koblenz Garden Festival, it is hoped this work will remain permanently. It is sited in the grounds of the Fortress which overlook the confluence of the Rhine and the Mosel. The cliff itself is made of slate which underlies most of […]

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Sainsbury Centre for The Visual Arts, University of East Anglia Made for an exhibition called ‘Out There’ curated by The Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, on the campus of The University of East Anglia. The work was 45m in diameter made from mown grass in the pattern of a coiled basket whirlpool, with an […]

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Crossing and Re-Crossing the Rivers of Iceland


  Hand written text on peat and ink impregnated, canvas backed paper, listing all the rivers crossed on a walk from Porsmork to Landmanlauger in July 2003. The pattern is derived from a satellite photo of a weather system over the area. 74 x 185 cm. The story behind the work is that my friend, […]

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Stephen Lacey Galley, London

Heart of Stone


Stephen Lacey Galley, London. Heart of Stone installation – slate on wood frame – dimensions variable. The form is from blood flow patterns in the heart. Also installations at Aberystwyth University Art Gallery and at Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno. Blood flow patterns in Welsh slate on wood frame. 498 x 860 x 30 cm

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