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Sky Mountain Chamber


Arte Sella, Sella Valley, Borgo Valsugana, Italy ( +39 461 751251) Made as a permanent installation for Arte Sella in the Trento region of Italy, this work is built from 150 tons of limestone and sits within a group of pine trees in the beautiful high Sella valley. The work pays homage in its shape […]

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Star Chamber

Star Chamber


Dyer Observatory, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee The work is a collaboration with astronomers at the Dyer Observatory, connected to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The idea was to try to demonstrate how the Earth moves around the sun in an ellipse. If you were to photograph the sun from the same spot, at the same […]

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Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky

Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky


North Caroline Museum Of Art, USA Partly built under ground, beneath some large trees on a wooded slope in the grounds of the North Carolina Museum Of Art, the work is the first in a series commissioned for the Museums outdoor sculpture trail. The piece was also commissioned to coincide with the opening of their […]

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Reed Chamber

Reed Chamber


Wildfowl and Wetland Centre, Arundel, Sussex, UK  – funded by WWT Arundel, S.E.Arts, West Sussex County Council and Arun District Council. This chamber, made on a floating boardwalk within a reed bed, thatched with reeds and via a lens and mirror, projects the image of waving reed tops within. The structure is made from willow […]

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Eden Cloud Chamber

Eden Cloud Chamber


  Eden Project, Cornwall, UK Made from 120 tonnes of Cornish Slate, the work is sited on the end of a large granite wall (in ‘Wild Cornwall’), which together with a parallel wall forms a cut lane. You walk down this tunnel of a lane and into a passageway in the wall and thus into […]

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Coppice Cloud Chamber

Coppice Cloud Chamber


Kings Wood, Challock, Kent.   Commissioners: Forest Enterprise, Kentish Stour Countryside Project and Stour Valley Art Project. This chamber was 6m wide and 5m high, made of over three thousand stacked coppiced chestnut logs built into a steep bank over an old flint pit. There was a small Z-shaped passageway in and a lens in […]

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Hut of the Shadows

Both Nam Faileas: Hut Of The Shadow


Lochmaddy, North Uist, Western Isles. 1997 Winner of the Natures Prize, Scottish Environmental Award & 1998 commendation from The Association for the protection of Rural Scotland. Commissioners: Taigh Chearsabhagh arts Centre with the Scottish Arts Council. Located on the end of a spit of land and surrounded by sea, islands and sky, the work is […]

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Cedar Log Sky Chamber

Cedar Log Sky Chamber


Okawa Village, Kochi Province, Japan. Commissioners: Kochi District Council, Forest Policy Division. This chamber is 3m wide by 4m high with octagonal ground plan and built in notched logs, thatched with cedar bark. It has a small lens in the top which projects an image of trees and clouds on to a wooden floor. It […]

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Wave Chamber

Wave Chamber


Kielder Water and Forest Park, Northumberland.   ‘Wave Chamber’ was commissioned for the shore of Kielder Reservoir by Kielder Partnership, in particular Northumbrian Water and Forest Enterprise, as part of Visual Arts UK 1996 in the North of England. The 4m tall dry-stone beehive hut, made from 80 tons of stone, works as a camera […]

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Tyrebagger Cloud Chamber


Commissioners: Forestry Enterprise, Aberdeen District Council. Commissioned as part of a Forest Sculpture Trail in a much-used public forest, three miles from Aberdeen. Local reaction to the proposed scheme was sceptical as people didn’t want their trees messed about with. In view of this I put the work underground, making an ‘invisible’ sculpture. The work […]

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St James Cloud Chamber

St James Cloud Chamber


St. James, Piccadilly, London.  Commissioners: Rebecca Hossack Gallery. Made as a temporary installation in the sculpture garden of St. James. This quiet garden in the centre of London is a place of refuge for the homeless and a peaceful retreat for office workers. The sculpture therefore works as a silent meditative space as well as […]

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Clohan Cloud Chamber


Made for a solo exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. The work is made from 70 tons of rock,  with a wooden door and a white screed floor.

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Wicklow Cloud Chamber


Made during a two week ‘Bogland Symposium’ in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, the work is built into a ruined wall and has a small aperture in the roof. entrance in and out are through curved passageways. I camped out here and the whole work was constructed with stone on the site.

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Cloud Chamber


Made for ‘Builden Buiten’ an exhibition of British and Belgium artists in a walled garden in Tielt, Belgium. This was the first prototype cloud chamber, which I had tried out in my garden using bent sticks, a tarpaulin, an aperture and a sheet of paper on the ground. The shape of the chamber was based […]

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