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Linden Cloud Chamber


Linden Cloud Chamber – Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature, Langeland, Denmark. On the invitation of Alfio Bonanno I was invited to make another work here in the Park, 26 years after Covered Cairn, made in 1993. That first work was destroyed and eaten by deer. This work, an underground chamber set in a ring […]

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Sri Lanka 2018


This project for a new Tea House in a small tea estate in the Southern province of Sri Lanka was conceived and made in 2018. The commission was for a piece outside the new house being built in the trees and tea plantation. A bridge from the first floor library and veranda stretches over and […]

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JIRI MOUNTAIN TEA LINE Made for the Jirisan International Art and Nature festival in Hadong, South Korea, the work is about balance. The mountain connects heaven to earth. Water from the Jiri mountains flows down into the Seomjin River. The river gives life and biodiversity to the region. The line of twelve stones aligned with […]

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The Birth of Energy


At the weekend we opened the Birth of Energy at Neddernhof, the last in a trilogy of works for the Edmund Siemers-Stiftung. There is a small exhibition of drawings in the gallery close to the house. The trees are planted and the work is on its way. I predict that in 60 years when the trees are […]

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The Way of Trees, Earth and Water


As part of my 2013 HC Combs Creative Arts Fellowship at the Australian National University School of Art, I was commissioned to make an environmental work for the ANU Sculpture Park, for the Centenary of the Founding of Canberra. The Installation was a collaboration between myself, the ANU School of Art Sculpture Workshop, an ANU […]

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Waves and Time


  Thixendale, Wolds Way, Yorkshire, UK. Commissioned as part of Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way. Wander was initiated by Visit Hull and East Yorkshire (VHEY) and is a partnership project managed with the local authorities (East Riding of Yorkshire Council and North Yorkshire County Council) along the Wolds Way and Natural England. […]

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Echoes of the Heart


ACAD extension Courtyard, Central Middlesex Hospital. Commissioned by the the North West London Hospital trust, and funded by Arts Council England, Arts & Business, Capsticks and the Central Middlesex Cardiac unit. The idea is based around flow patterns in the heart and images from an echocardiogram in both hard landscaping (slate pieces laid on edge) […]

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Commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council Hove Park, The work is made of random York stone in lime mortar set into the turf and was made with Second Land.  The pattern is a Cretan labyrinth set into the central whorl of a fingerprint, so to walk it is a meditative journey to the interior. […]

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Sainsbury Centre for The Visual Arts, University of East Anglia Made for an exhibition called ‘Out There’ curated by The Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, on the campus of The University of East Anglia. The work was 45m in diameter made from mown grass in the pattern of a coiled basket whirlpool, with an […]

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Heart of Reeds

Heart of Reeds


Lewes, East Sussex, UK   A work designed for a local Nature Reserve to increase the Biodiversity of the site. Made in collaboration with the Railway land Wildlife Trust and Lewes District Council. Funded by Viridor Plc, Arts Council South East and Harveys Brewery. The design is taken from patterns of blood flow in the heart, […]

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Rivers of Stone and Fingerprint


Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley.  Both these works were commissioned by Dudley group of Hospitals trust, in collaboration with Dudley Council, Sir Robert Mc Alpine and West Midlands Arts Council. The works are situated either side of a three story passageway within courtyards in the new PFI built extension. River of Stones fits into the existing […]

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Time Capsule


South Carolina Botanic Garden at Clemson Commissioned by The sculpture program at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson and funded by National Foundation for the Arts. The work comprises two large woven stick domes in a figure of 8 plan. The nucleus of each dome is a rammed earth monolith in a woven stick mould. […]

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Willow Domes on the Este

Willow Domes on the Este


Neddernhof, Nr Hamburg, Germany   The work comprises two woven willow domes on the banks of the river Este, in the private estate of Hans Edmund Siemers at Neddernhof, south of Hamburg, Germany. The domes are made from planted, woven and grafted willow sticks, which are growing and will form one tree in the plan […]

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