Snow in the Whirlwind (Twister)

By  the end of the week we are half way done laying the logs. Each log has to be peeled – a herculean task carried out by local volunteers and the odd high school class. The first day we finished digging the hole with Mark Smith on the digger and we place the boulder at the bottom. Then the logs are cut and placed and fixed with sleeper screws. When the dip is complete we start on the outer logs which are all brought round by Caleb in the tractor ( who is also keeping the peeling crew supplied with logs) and cut and lowered into place. I have two interns from Missoula college helping me – Dave and Beth and they are both brilliant. Dave is slowly doing his back in using the chain saw. When we are done on Friday evening we reconvene to the wilderness bar to take on the locals at Pool. Suffice it to say we are outclassed.

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