Projects for 2013



This project is in 2 stages:

  1. In collaboration with the community, to design and make a landscape sculpture for the woodlands area of the park – for which there is funding.

What is proposed is a long snaking form made from twisted tree trunks which leads the walker into the wild area through an arch, provides encircled areas for children to play and adults to picnic and which then  leads onto a path over a bridge on the brick water channel and onto a boardwalk through the marsh tussock grass and back to the lakes area. The work colonises a small cleared area leaving the rest of the woodland wild for animal and bird habitat.




2. In collaboration with the Parks Trust and community, to design features into the lakes area, to increase habitat for biodiversity and a more interesting rural experience for the residents.

Following on from the snaking form, it is proposed to create more life in the pond-lined lakes by having floating islands snake through them. These vegetated islands will in time build up a unique bio-diverse aquatic environment. At the far end of the lakes, the snaking log form will re emerge to form a spiral with a growing willow tree at its end. In times of flood this log piece will float.

To the south of the lakes it is proposed to plant wave forms in fruit trees, shrubs, grasses and reed – again to encourage wildlife and provide residents with a food resource. This is an ongoing work and is subject to consultation with the project committee.








This is a landscape projects with several international artists making interventions around the beautiful ruined abbey of Jumièges, near Rouen. The exhibition opens on May 25th. See:

The proposed work – Window on Blood and Water, takes the shape and dimensions of the main arch, lays it flat and uses  the frame to enclose flow patterns from the heart (blood) and the Seine (water). The overall theme of the Seine Maritime festival is water. The patterns will be made of split logs around stones from the Abbey.

photomontage Plan


After an invitation to make a work outside in Denmark, Western Australia. I will take a two week research trip to see the land and coast, then head inland into the desert to meet with some indigenous Australians to talk to them about collaborating on a work which highlights the desecration wrought by uranium mining on their land. There is talk of doing some kind of ceremony while we are there. Then back to Perth and on to Canberra to start my fellowship and sculpture at ANU.



Following on from my research last year, I am returning to realize the sculpture I have proposed on the Campus at the edge of the lake. The work will be titled The Way of Trees, Earth and Water. It will be a living, changing and growing work. Making use of the large pile of tree trunks nearby, these will form the outer mould for a rammed earth monolith – rammed with red clay around a standing stone. Four sapling trees will be planted between the upright trunks. In time as the trees grow up, the rammed earth will erode, slowly revealing the rock beneath. The trees will be scored and scorched black in moving, flowing wave patterns.





This project for the Southern tip of Sweden on the Baltic is still seeking funding, but an available boat hull has been located. See: Portfolio – Commissions – Cloud Chambers.


This is an ongoing research project with Clare Whistler, an artist, dancer and choreographer, into Money and finance. It will hopefully evolve into a performance in the city of London and is already spawning a number of peripheral ideas.


This is a collaboration with geneticists at Sussex University into finding parallels and connections and highlighting the work they are doing there for an exhibition to the public. It is hoped we might apply for a Wellcome art/science grant to take this exploration further.

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