Spore Print at The End of Land

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original spore print

painting the work over the projected image in lime wash at night

Evie and Rae

in the land

with the chalk cliffs in the distance


I have an on-going fascination with fungi. They feed us, kill us, cure us and alter our minds. Trees communicate through mycelium threads forming what is referred to as the ‘wood-wide web’. They are vital to our gut biome. They break down dead matter back into soil on which new life grows. As such they represent life, death and regeneration. The circular form of this spore print taken from a 2cm. mushroom, is a mandala – a visual meditation into the life/death dichotomy. The barn is built from chalk materials – flint found within the chalk and held together by lime mortar. Both limestone and chalk were formed around 90 million years ago. Chalk from the deposits of calcite, limestone from calcite and aragonite, ie the skeletal remains of coral, forams and molluscs. The mural has been painted in the same material, lime wash and will slowly disappear, reminding us of the fragility of both ourselves, and our planet.


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September 12, 2023