Invisible Traces

Schloss Werdenberg, Switzerland
There are three works, which were commissioned for the Schlossmediale festival

Mushroom Cloud – Installed into a windowless stone room in the basement of the castle, the work is 5 m. tall by 2.3 m. wide. You enter the room by a low archway from where all that is visible is the glowing base, as you stand in the room you are forced to look up into the umbrella of the mushroom cloud which is composed of around 18,000 dried mushroom slices.

Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes – This work is painted in dust and ashes from the castle and so contains some of its invisible history.

Log Pile Spore Print – This piece was burned onto the ends of a log pile in the village, using a cooking blow lamp. The village of Werdenberg is the oldest wooden village in Europe.