Plant 53


A mono print of scanned plant.

A cubit of turf was taken from near the escarpment on Dollens farm, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset. Out of the many thousands of plants within this cubit, 60 clumps or individual plants were taken and scanned in black and white. This is the 53rd plant out of 60 scanned. A monoprint is then taken from the scan in an edition of 50.

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The Sydling valley is almost entirely farmed organically. Dollens farm is a dairy farm and it is these plants, grown with no fertilizers or insecticides which feed the cows who produce organic milk rich in omega 3 fats; beneficial to people and the environment. It is a sustainable way of life, which before the wars was how Britain was farmed. The change to factory farming has brought environmental degradation and ultimately climate change. The print is part of an on going series of works about 3 farms in the Sydling valley, commissioned by Cape Farewell.

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