Lee Krasner Lifetime’s Achievement award


With Cloud Of Thorns in the studio

This is my third and last year of the Lee Krasner Lifetime’s Achievement award funding and I am so grateful to The Pollock Krasner Foundation – #PollockKrasnerFoundation –  for nominating me and then awarding me this award – #PKFGrantee. It has been totally life saving. In the first year I was able to take a year out to research and defeat metastatic prostate cancer. Guys Hospital mainly told me I should go home and die. But I was having none of it and my journey into and through cancer is the material for a book and touch wood I am in remission, or I may even have got rid of the cancer. My PSA is virtually undetectable.

That was the first year. Towards the end of that year; 2018, having applied for and being given the commission for a site on Morecambe Bay by The Morecambe Bay Partnership for Horizon Line Chamber, this was researched, designed and finally completed in January 2019. It was the culmination of a 16 year idea to make this work.

Meanwhile in the studio I was making Cloud of Thorns which was shown at Salon Vert in Geneva in June 2019 after a show called Wave at Avivson in London in April. This work is on Artnet now.

Later that year I made my second work for TICKON (Traeneker International Centre Fore Art and Nature) in Langelande, Denmark.

In this my last year of this three year award I was long listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize and am showing the video of Horizon Line Chamber ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bYYIfbJfZM&feature=youtu.be) in York Art Gallery. Now during the coronavirus virus lockdown, as all other projects abroad have been cancelled or postponed I have the chance to work on a retrospective book which, if there are still publishers at the end of this, will be designed and published by Actes Sud in Arles. The book will be called Chris Drury – Edge of Chaos.

So I am incredibly grateful to the Pollock Krasner Foundation for this award. It has not only saved my life, but has enabled me to realise so many projects and ideas. Thank you.

#PKFGrantee,  #PollockKrasnerFoundation  @PollockKrasnerFoundation

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