Friday 27th April, Schloss Werdenberg

The foehn has finally dissipated into a hot breeze and it looks like Spring has come to the Alps. We move from hot sunshine into the fridge of the castle. As you cross the threshold it is like stepping back into winter. We are now two thirds of the way through the mushroom piece and we are running out of large pieces.

We had ordered another batch from Italy, but they announced today that they don’t work Fridays, Monday is a holiday and they don’t work Tuesday either, but they might get them to us on Wednesday or Thursday – too late as I leave on Friday. This is not at all unusual for Italian companies, so when we phoned again today there was a secretary in the office who could help if we could find transport before midday when she goes home. The problem was the paperwork needed to take foodstuffs into Switzerland. In the end she suggested an express service who could deliver to Katerine’s parents house in South Tyrol, they would then drive them to Innsbruck where there was a big family party on Saturday which Katerine was going to by train. All she needed to do was to put them in a big suitcase and bring them back with her to Buchs in the evening by train. Phew! Where there is a will there is a way.



Tomorrow Gabi and I are taking a day off to go and walk up in the mountains. She has worked out all sorts of buses, trains and cable cars to get us to a starting point. Should be great. Meanwhile I am waiting for a wet day to burn that spore print into the log pile.

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