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This is a blog for the time I have to self isolate for 12 weeks. I am 71 and I have metastatic prostate cancer. I developed this in 2014 – had radiotherapy at Guys and St Thomas for 7 weeks, then in 2016 it came back and went into my bones and the consultant at Guys said “it is in your bones and there is nothing you or your wife can do about it” With that he stalked out of the room leaving us with a rather startled registrar. Kay burst in to tears and I became furious. What he was saying was there was nothing he could do about it. In fact he sent me home with a totally ineffective hormone pill.

I changed doctors and came back to Sussex under Dr Savage who gave me a new drug called Enzolutamide – basically it blocks any testosterone not already blocked in the prostate by a slow release 3 monthly injection. This new pill made me feel terrible; dizzy, tired, and made my mind woozy. I refused to take it. Dr Savage rang me from a car park at the hospital and said this was my only chance – I had to take it or I would die. Words to that effect anyway. So I took it.

I then did a lot of research, changed my diet, took a year off (funded by the Pollock Krazner)’ and contacted all sorts of research doctors around the world, one of whom, Dana Flavin in Germany said she could reverse it. I did what she said – got the drugs and herbs, supplements. Juiced carrots, weekly enemas, meditation etc. I went to a psychotherapist in a shed in a wood who gave me the psychic tools to deal with the shock. I discovered there was a link between the mouth and the prostate, so had my dentist change all my amalgam fillings and remove a root canal which turned out to have an infection underneath. I took part in a research program into resilience at the University of Westminster and found out I was in fact highly resilient and I went to a spirit healer who has since been imprisoned for abusing 60 women. However my experience there was mind blowing to say the least. More recently I found Jane McLelland’s book ‘How to Starve Cancer’ – read that and went to hear her speak in London, joined her Facebook page and found a huge amount of help. Jane cured herself of stage 4 cervical cancer by treating cancer as a metastatic disease, which allows the cancer to mutate along several different pathways in the body- basically through the pathways connected to sugar, fat and protein. If you block all these pathways using off label, cheap, repurposed drugs, herbs, viatamins etc the cancer can go nowhere, so if you also take medication which kills the cancer – creates apoptosis, and boost the immune system, the cancer will die.

There is a clinic in London called the Care Oncology Clinic that does assessments via Skype and is not too expensive, they prescribe the off label drugs which are cheap and so I am taking something like 50 pills a day – the entire protocol was given me on the phone by Jane McLelland who is so generous with her time and she has followers now from all over the world who are turning their cancers around. I take plenty of exercise, I eat mostly vegetables with a minimum of sugar, eggs and dairy – no red meat. I have cut the enzolutamide down from 4 to two pills a day and for the last 6 months my PSA (cancer marker) is at 0.01. You can’t get any lower than that. It started at 45.

Up to the time of Coronavirus I was working again full time with projects here and abroad. I had a project in Germany, one in the Vercours in France and one in Alaska in the Autumn. I also have a book deal with Actes Sud in Arles, which has also shut down for the duration. So I am putting this book together slowly over the coming weeks, the sun is shining and there is a garden to plant, vegetables to grow – time to be, time to reflect. As I make this book I shall post a daily image.

The book will be called The Edge Of Chaos. This is really about Complexity Theory which says that as systems become more complex, instead of edging into chaos, they tend to form coherent patterns, which is how we get such incredible diversity on this planet. Biodiversity is Complexity theory in action. Factory farming is the complete opposite. We have been disrupting these patterns and the planet is sorting it out by giving us viruses and a pandemic.

The work is in two parts: on the left is a pattern of a cardiac twist from a cross section of the human heart, and on the right is a complex pattern of wood grain in a redwood tree found washed up on the shore of the Lost Coast of California. Each section is made up of densely hand written and repeated text – on the left:  all the names of winds in the world from different cultures – hurricanes to zephyrs, Foens to Mistrals etc, and on the right the names of ocean currents. There is an intimate connection between the two and that interaction is what gives us the climate that we have. Melting ice in the arctic and Antarctic may radically alter these currents and disrupt our climate. It is happening already – witness the El Ninos.

The Edge of Chaos is both the title of the book and the first image.

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