Blackfoot Pathways, Sculpture in the Wild

Kay and I arrived here in Lincoln, Montana on Friday evening. I am here to make a work for Sculppture in the Wild – an international Sculpture park, set up by Kevin O’Dwyer four years ago to use the potential of what was an industrial site (logging) to provide an environment for the creation of significant artworks, both permanent and temporary, inspired by the environmental and industrial heritage of the Blackfoot Valley while fostering an awareness and appreciation of the arts through community participation and education.

We spent the weekend greeting friends and acclimatising so I could begin work today on a sculpure called Twister – a log whirlpool set amongst the Ponderosa pine – which to a degree, the work will mirror.




The weekend was was warm and sunny, but this morning there was a blast from the arctic and the Rockies were plastered with fresh snow.



The site had been cleared and dug and the logs were stacked nearby – mostly beetle killed pine all of which need peeling. People from the community  will start to do that from tomorrow. Today we placed a stone in the eye of the vortex and laid the first two of several hundred logs.

I have the expert help of Steve Woodhouse, Caleb Fey and Mark Smith on the digger, plus two interns and of course the local log peelers of Lincoln under the direction of Wendy. Later in the week there will be various activities in the local bars – like snooker and throwing the horseshoe. It all is sure a lot of fun. The area was immortalised by Norman McLean in his book The River Runs Through it.


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