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In 2001 I was invited to come to the Siemers family house – Neddernhof, outside Hamburg with a view to making a work there. So began a wonderful relationship with this family and their amazing house and land with woods, lakes, river and fields with Icelandic horses. The vision for this land was the work of Hans Edmond, the father, grandfather and patriach, The house and land was turned into a trust and it was in fact the trust, composed of family members who commissioned the works over the coming years, even though it was Hans who was calling the shots. The first work I made in 2002 was a growing work known here as the Videndomes (see Six years later on my return from Antarctica, I made Equinox Line, another growing work ( see In 2011, at the age of 89 Hans Edmund passed away, but his enormous vision is still clearly visible at Neddernhof and last year his widow, Gabriele Siemers asked me to return and make the third work which her husband had always wanted, so here I am in 2014 making the last of the the three works in this magnificent landscape.

In each of the three commissions on the instigation of Hans Edmund I have collaborated with the artist Knud Knabe. Knud is a genius with stone, there is a dialogue going on between him and the ancient glacial boulders deposited by the glaciers covering Scandanavia in the last ice age. Before I came on to the scene Knud had placed many extraordinary stones here at Neddernhof, and they have come to define the place. In each of my three works which have all involved glacial boulders, Knud has chosen and placed the stones.

The Videndomes are at the far end of the property, close to the river Este, The Equinox line is half way down the land, aligned towards the house and the rising and setting sun at the equinoxes (the Spring Equinox is on the day of Hans Edmund’s birth). So the plan was always to have another work nearer the entrance, and I am honored to have been asked to make it. The first work is based on a figure 8, the second on an oval with a line through it, and the last – Stone Whirlpool, is a circle with a spiral vortex within it. This work will also have planted trees so will grow and develop over time.

But first lets take a look at how these three works are doing. Last year I came to make some adjustments to the Videndomes and we pruned it hard in the Autumn. Because of that it is doing magnificently now.

The Equinox is doing well also, Hans Edmund had agreed that we should clear a number of pine trees to let in light for other species and so that the work would command a bigger space. As a result the heather has grown back along with many other plant species and the whole area is looking amazing.

Last year I located a site on the highest piece of ground on the land in the first field you see as you enter the property and we staked out a position for a possible work. I went home and made drawings and plans with an idea of creating a stone whirlpool within a grove of planted oaks and pine with a line of boulders spiraling into the whirlpool and out, leading you towards the Eastern standing stone of the Equinox. So here I am in Autumn 2014 on day 2 of construction.

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