Australia – Canberra

2013 is the centenary of the planning of the capital city of Canberra and I am being commissioned to make a site specific work for the Australian National University on a site within the campus overlooking the lake. In the far distance is a peak in the Namidgi National park, which is the source of the water for the city.

sculpture site

I arrived in Canberra on 12th June and spent 4 days exploring the city, looking for a site, thinking about materials and talking to various people who might help me. I was also participating in a show on Antarctica at the Drill Hall Gallery where I was showing the 3 screen video Ice Streams for the first time.

On the 14th David and Keven took me for a trip out to the hills of Namidgi to see the lie of the land and and to look at some aboriginal rock paintings. At the park we were joined by two park wardens: Paul from the UK and Jay, an Aboriginal guide. Jay was able able to point out various plants and animals along the way – particularly the plants you could eat. We saw various species of bird including wedge tailed eagles, a dingo and the many Kangaroos which, because of the creation of more grasslands are reaching plague numbers.

Scribbly bark beetle


aboriginal shelter


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