A 500 K day trip out with Nick around Canberra

Sunday 5th 9.00 am – 9.00 pm

Canberra Airport to see some bronzes which Nick cast in the Sculpture workshop

Dead Wombat on the Micalago Rd

On to the Tindery road with views to the Brindabella’s and Namagi. Nick reckons that the river that feeds the lake comes from the Tinderys which is where we are headed

Over the mountains (cant remember the name) to Captains Flat

View from the top of the Tinderys

We come down the Jerangle road to a¬† lake above Captain’s Flat, and get out to bushwack down to it. It is slightly spooky. Nick tells me that many people have disappeared in Captain’s Flat, which used to be a thriving copper mine. We visit the remnants of the mine and wonder how the people fare drinking this water which must be laced with arsenic and other nasties.

The view from the copper mines to the town

The view from the copper mines to the town

We stop for coffee and cake in the town. The coffee shop has a shrine to the murdered and disappeared. The daughter of the house was one of them.

Shrine to the missing and Murdered

Shrine to the missing and Murdered


the gents in the Cafe where we had coffee and cake

The newly decorated gents toilet

Then on to Carwoola and Nicks house. We let the dog – Sam? out and the cats join us. One of them is the biggest beast I have ever seen. We wander around the land, look at trees, a termite mound and many Kangaroos. Nick has turfed next doors horse out and the land is slowly regenerating.

A kangaroo in Nick's garden

A kangaroo in Nick’s garden

Then on to Bungendore and Lake George

An artwork on Georges Lake

An artwork on Lake George

Then to Tarago, Lake Nathhurst, Goulburn, The Hume highway, Moss Vale and finally as the sun sets – the magnificent and breath-taking Fitzroy Falls – Wow !!!!! Grand Canyon eat your heart out.

The falls near Goulburn just before sunset

Fitzroy Falls
just before sunset

Finally back via Goulburn and a chinese dinner to Canberra.






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