Farm art
Cape Farewell and The Arts Development Company present

An exhibition at Bridport Arts Centre’s Allsop Gallery
22nd April – 3rd June
Preview Invitation
Friday 21st April
6pm – 8pm
Exploring food, farming and our relationship with the environment
Food is fundamental to life. The way we produce it is the most pressing issue of our times. This exhibition at Bridport Art Centre will feature three projects:

EXCHANGE by artist Chris Drury and novelist Kay Syrad who spent a year collaborating on Cape Farewell’s ‘Rural Residency’ programme, focusing on sustainable agriculture. The artist’s residency with six Dorset farmers culminated in a set of prints, a map work, photo/text portraits and a large hand-made, leather-bound book using paper buried in the earth for 10 months

Bristol based project ‘The Milking Parlour’ by artist Nessie Reid – a topic of discussion on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show. Read more here

‘A Field of Wheat’ by artists Anne-Marie Culhane and Ruth Levene with Lincolnshire farmer Peter Lundgren and a collective of 42 people invested in and grew a 22 acre field of wheat. From sowing the seed to harvesting they explored the cultural, environmental, historical and economic significance of this global food commodity.




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